State::Anticompetitive Barriers

March 2014 ::New York :: Anticompetitive Barriers

The at-rest provision remained out of the governors budget but there is still a strong distributor effort to get the legislation passed.  

July 2012 ::Missouri :: Anticompetitive Barriers

A proposed state franchise law was vetoed by Missouri’s Governor. WA note. Letter to the Governor can be found here.

June 2012 ::Missouri :: Anticompetitive Barriers

Despite strong opposition by the local wine and grape industry, a bill now on the Governor’s desk would make it far easier for wholesalers to lock wineries into “franchise” relationships making it far more difficult to terminate distribution relationships. The local industry is asking the Governor to veto the bill.

August 2012 ::New York :: Anticompetitive Barriers

A bill requiring wines to be “at rest” for 48-hours in a New York warehouse before delivery was quickly killed earlier this year, but is expected to be contested again this fall.

September 2012 ::Missouri :: Anticompetitive Barriers

A franchise bill that had been passed the state legislature was vetoed by the Governor. The Governor expects local wineries and other interested producer groups to sit down with wholesalers to discuss potential compromise legislation.