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August 2015 ::Michigan :: Beer & Spirits

The growth in the craft beer industry in Michigan is prompting discussion within the beverage alcohol sector on the best way for the state to support the beer,  wine/cider and spirits industries.  The current funding model for the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council (created in 1985) in the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development [...]

May 2015 ::California :: Beer & Spirits

The California Assembly is debating a bill which would afford craft breweries the right to expand their premises for tasting. Currently, wineries are allowed to apply to the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for  temporary permit for premise expansion for special events. If successful, AB 776 will grant craft breweries the rights already given [...]

April 2015 ::California :: Beer & Spirits

California Assemblyman Marc Levine (D- San Rafael) has introduced A.B 1233, which would allow craft distilleries to sell up to three bottles of liquor to their visitors. Levine’s bill faces a tough uphill battle against many norms that have been in place since the end of Prohibition. While California has a long standing three tier [...]

April 2015 ::Montana :: Beer & Spirits

Montana’s House of Representatives is considering HB 506, which would allow distilleries to sell their products directly to agency liquor stores. Proponents believe that the bill will grant distilleries more flexibility in getting their products to retailers and dramatically speed up the process of getting products to market.

April 2015 ::Colorado :: Beer & Spirits

The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would reclassify cider as beer, so that breweries can produce cider without having to obtain a second cidery license.  The Bill is opposed by the Wine Institute and the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. (Colorado Wine Industry Development Board)