Federal::FY 2016 Budget

May 2015 ::House-Senate Budget Resolution/ FY 2016 Appropriation

Republicans in the House and Senate are close to finalizing an agreement on the FY 2016 Budget Resolution. They hope to take it to the floor before the House goes on recess the first week of May.  The House – Senate agreement plans to use a 2011 budget agreement which sets the discretionary spending budget [...]

April 2015 ::Joint Industry Letter Requesting TTB Funding

On March 23rd, the beverage alcohol industry sent a joint industry letter to the House and Senate requesting a funding increase for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for FY2016. The letter was signed by twelve leading associations representing wine, beer, and spirits producers and wholesalers. Last month, the President’s administration has [...]

April 2015 ::House and Senate Budget Bills

The House and Senate Budget Committees each released their FY 2016 Budget last week. Congress drafted their budget resolutions in response to the budget outline the President submitted last February. While not legally binding, the Budget resolution acts as a framework for the Appropriations bills that Congress is required to pass each year. Both the [...]

February 2015 ::FY 2016 Budget

On February 2, President Obama unveiled his budget blueprint for fiscal year 2016. The $4 trillion proposal features an ambitious public works program, a one-time tax on foreign profits kept overseas by corporations, tax credits for middle-class Americans, and tax increases on large corporations and top earners to fund education initiatives, infrastructure improvement, and workforce [...]