April 2015 ::Immigration Reform

In early March the House Judiciary Committee passed the Legal Workforce Act. This bill would mandate that all employers use the E-Verify program to document whether an employee is legally eligible to work. The system is set up so an employer can use an electronic database to look up the employment status of a documented [...]

February 2015 ::Homeland Security

Senate Democrats have rejected a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through September 30 for a second time. The current funding of the Department ends at the end of the month. The impetus for the opposition is  a section of the bill that would cut funding for the controversial executive orders on [...]

February 2014 ::Immigration Reform

Odds of any kind of comprehensive immigration reform legislation passing this year are low. The House Republican leadership has said they will not take up the issue this year. It could be revisited in the new Congress next January.

December 2013 ::Immigration

Agricultural labor reform is still caught in the net of comprehensive immigration reform. In light of partisan divides and with 2014 an election year, prospects may get worse before they get better.

November 2013 ::Immigration Reform

The third of the President’s top three priorities, immigration is also being pushed to the front burner by members of Congress. The stark reality is it’s hard to see a full compromise bill getting through the House and Senate. While there have been some hints at a standalone agricultural labor bill in the House, the [...]