State::Industry Infrastructure

February 2015 ::California :: Industry Infrastructure & Water Rights

On January 15 of 2015 five federal and state agencies involved in the operation and regulation of the Central Valley Project (CVP) and the State Water Project (SWP) released a joint interagency 2015 Drought Contingency Plan.  The report outlines anticipated drought response actions that will be undertaken should the drought extend into its fourth year. [...]

December 2014 ::Idaho :: Industry Infrastructure

The Idaho Grape and Wine Industry will have four pieces of legislation going into the 2015 Legislative Session. The first is allowing Refillable Containers in retail outlets in be purchased by the consumer and then filled with wine to be consumed off the retailer’s premises. The second is increasing the amount of excise tax going [...]

December 2014 ::Maryland :: Industry Infrastructure

The Maryland Agriculture Commission is working with the Maryland Association of Counties and the Governor’s Intergovernmental Commission on Agriculture (GICA) on agritourism and other agricultural issues. They are considering a definition of agritourism that could be used by the counties and a checklist to help potential agritourism operators navigate state and local requirements.  

October 2014 ::California :: Industry Infrastructure

Winegrape growers will vote in a referendum next spring to decide if the existing Pierce’s Disease Control Program should continue for another five years.  The current five-year cycle expires in early 2016.  The vote was authorized by AB 1642 (Chesbro, D-Arcata).  The bill was sponsored by Family Winemakers, CAWG and Wine Institute.  If the program [...]

October 2014 ::Idaho :: Sustainability/Regulation/Industry Infrastructure

A core group of agricultural leaders is working with the Department of Environmental Quality to draft a set of rules to exempt common agricultural practices from the penalties and provisions of Idaho’s Fugitive Dust Rules. Currently, the Rules state “any agricultural operation that puts dust into the atmosphere is in violation of these Rules and [...]