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October 2014 ::Oregon :: Industry Stats

Commissioners of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission hosted several panels of alcohol industry experts regarding how the economy is impacted by Oregon’s growing craft alcohol beverage industries. Two of the four panels accentuated how the various industries are tied together as an economic cluster with opportunities for growth among all parts of Oregon’s regional economy. [...]

October 2014 ::Texas :: Industry Stats/Promotions

The Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association will host Grape Camp from November 2-3. It is a two-day event filled with educational sessions and vendor demonstrations focused on Texas grape growing. Topics will include Vineyard Management, Irrigation, Soil, Disease Control, Grape Varietals, Frost Protection, and Canopy Management.

May 2014 ::Texas :: Industry Stats

A late April freeze joined with storms and hail have left many Texas grape growers with losses from 40% to 100%. However, the good news, the 2014 harvest will exceed 2013 which was plagued by five devastating freezes in April and May. Texas grape growers, like other growers around the U.S., are learning what it [...]

February 2014 ::Ohio :: Industry Stats

Ohio faced some devastating winter damage in many of our vineyards across the state. Over the last 10 days, the association began collecting information around the state to get a clearer view of the damage extent. The researchers at Ohio State along with the Cooperative Extension agents are assisting in the collection of data. A [...]

December 2013 ::Oregon :: Industry Stats

The number of Oregon wineries topped 500 and production exceeded 50,000 tons, according to the 2012 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Census Report that was released this month by the Oregon Wine Board (OWB). While the production numbers and winery count represented significant increases over 2011, Gregory Jones, professor and research climatologist at SOU in Ashland [...]