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March 2015 ::California :: International Trade

California vintners and supporters like the California Wine Institute have been calling out Canada on a policy that has given homegrown vines an unfair advantage in British Columbia markets.  The policy would give the B.C. wine industry an unfair edge in labeling as well as creating licensed retailers who exclusively sell B.C. wine; effectively undercutting [...]

July 2014 ::California :: International Trade

 The California Wine Trade Association launched a program this month to help California wineries create more business in Hong Kong. A $1,500 membership fee provides wineries with a Hong Kong Best address, travel and concierge services which will increase profits in Asia. Asia, which is the currently the world’s biggest wine market, has been developing a [...]

November 2013 ::Nebraska :: International Trade

The NWGGA hosted an international business delegation. Sponsored by the US Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration, the delegation was made up of 20 leaders of associations that support businesses representing eight different Eurasian countries including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. They were participating in the US Commerce Department’s Special American Business [...]

November 2013 ::New York :: International Trade

With funding from USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP), the New York Wine & Grape Foundation continues its export programs in Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, and Hong Kong.  The wines are very well received in all markets, but distribution remains a major obstacle.

June 2012 ::New York :: International Trade

The provinces of Ontario and Quebec continue to impose of draconian excise taxes against New York wines that are brought across the Canadian border. Efforts are underway through a joint collaboration between the Wine & Grape Foundation, the Farm Bureau, and local wine trails to come up with creative solutions to address the situation. Provincial [...]