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October 2015 ::International Trade

The Obama Administration released the full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). What the TPP means for wineries and other alcohol producers was released. The details we know so far are: Japan: Japan will eliminate all tariffs on wine and related products in 11 years or less. For the important category of bottled wine, [...]

October 2015 ::International Trade

The House of Representatives passed a multi-year transportation funding bill that includes a provision for the reathurization of the US Export/Import Bank. Export/Import insurance works extremely well for American wineries. Wineries in Washington, Oregon and California have used it in the past, and we are witnessing wineries in states such as Virginia and New York [...]

July 2015 ::Trade Promotion Authority

The Senate took the final step in passing Trade Promotion Authority last week. The Senate passed the Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act, sending it to the President for his signature. Trade Promotion Authority will allow the President to pursue objectives specified by Congress and meet consultation guidelines specified by Congress as it negotiates future [...]

May 2015 ::Trade Promotion Authority

Congress and the White House are currently discussing several international trade deals. Trade is an important part of the American economy and important to the American wine industry. Trade Promotion Authority, commonly called “Fast Track,” is the first part of the trade discussions now before Congress. It is not the trade bill, but rather authority [...]

December 2014 ::Country of Origin Labelling

A coalition of 207 organizations (including WineAmerica) is urging Congress to amend the USDA Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) standards for imported beef. A letter has been delivered to the Senate urging legislators to reject any effort to repeal, rescind or weaken COOL in any federal spending legislation. This broad-based coalition of groups demonstrates the [...]