October 2014 ::Labeling & Advertising

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the National Organics Program, has issued a clarification to certifying agencies about the use of the word “organic” in company or product brand names. The USDA said that the term “organic” does not necessarily imply that the product was grown or manufactured in accordance with the NOP and [...]

October 2014 ::Labeling & Advertising

The TTB will be reconsidering its wine labeling regulations by January 2015. The TTB will re-examine allergen and ingredient labeling.  Additive listing is required for export to the European Union.  

February 2014 ::GMO

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and several other food and biotech groups went public Feb. 6 with their coalition to push Congress to introduce a federal bill that would preempt state laws on labeling genetically modified organisms in food. Rumors of a GMA bill to quash state GMO labeling initiatives have been circulating for months. In [...]

February 2014 ::Country of Origin Labeling

The issue could come to a head this month when the WTO holds a hearing on the labeling rules. A decision against the current rules could affect other industries if Mexico or Canada responds by imposing tariffs on American meat and poultry or other goods imported into their countries. Canada has put American wine on [...]