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August 2015 ::Texas :: Land Use

During the 84th Legislative Session, Senate Concurrent Resolution 41, signed by Governor Greg Abbott, designated Terry County as the official Grape Capital of Texas. The county, southwest of Lubbock, grows more grapes than all the other counties in the state combined.  According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Terry County had 800 acres of vineyards [...]

July 2015 ::Texas :: Land Use

Senate Concurrent Resolution 41, signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on June 17, names Terry County as the Grape Capital of Texas.  

October 2014 ::California :: Land Use

Continuing concern over bee health has prompted Governor Brown to sign AB 1789 (Williams, D-Santa Barbara), which required the Department of Pesticide Regulation to expedite a re-evaluation of neonicotinoid-based products.  If the state were to cancel registrations for these products substitutes would be needed.  Imidacloprid is one neonic that is used in the Pierce’s Disease [...]

April 2014 ::Michigan :: Land Use

The Council is investigating the mechanisms needed to relieve wineries of local sourcing requirements in the event that a winery experiences sufficient yield losses in cold-damaged vineyards to require the purchase of out of state fruit or wine.

March 2014 ::Nebraska :: Spray Drift

Herbicide drift has become a major issue for grape growers in Nebraska. The majority of the state’s growers have suffered some degree from drift damage in recent years. The damage not only affects vines during the year of impact, but effects may carry over into subsequent years. The NWGGA is serving on the Herbicide Drift [...]