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April 2015 ::Maryland :: Direct Shipping

Delegate Barkley (D-Montgomery County) has proposed a bill that would lessen the reporting requirements for the holders of Direct Wine Shipping Permits.  H.B. 291 would allow permit holders to report their sales quarterly, along with their excise tax reportings  and  tax returns. (Maryland Wineries Association)

March 2014 ::Texas :: Recordkeeping & Reporting

Texas sent out notices to all permitted out-of-state wine direct shippers that as of January 1, 2014, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is updating the filing periods for the C-240, Shippers Excise Tax Return. The notice states that permittees shipping less than 4,000 gallons annually to consumers in Texas may begin filing this return [...]

February 2014 ::Washington :: Record-keeping & Reporting

Since privatizing liquor sales in 2011, Washington stores have seen an increase in shoplifting. The state government is concerned with underage and mentally ill drinking and is considering legislation that will force problem stores to tighten their security measures. By law, retailers do not have to report thefts, and many do not report their loss [...]

November 2013 ::Idaho :: Recordkeeping & Reporting

Roger Batt has been meeting with Lieutenant Wheatley to see if Alcohol Beverage Control would allow the Federal Reporting Form to be acceptable as the Form for ABC.  This would eliminate duplication of information and time spent by wineries filling out paperwork.  A follow-up meeting will take place over the next few weeks.

October 2013 ::Idaho :: Recordkeeping & Reporting

A meeting will be setup with Lieutenant Russ Wheatley with Alcohol Beverage Control to streamline the reporting process by Idaho wineries.  The Industry will be asking if wineries can make a copy of TTB reporting and submit it to ABC, rather than duplicating reports and information.