March 2016 ::Virginia :: Regulation

As the Virginia General Assembly wraps up its 2016 session, the Virginia Wine Council has been closely monitoring state legislative updates that will impact the industry. Three bills are currently being considered that would define where future farm winery, limited brewery, and limited distillery licensees may open. New to the farm winery definition would be [...]

March 2016 ::Connecticutt :: Pricing Regulation

Connecticut lawmakers held a public hearing last month to solicit input from voters on several proposed changes to state liquor laws. One of the most prominent proposals comes from Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy, who is seeking to eliminate minimum pricing restrictions for certain alcoholic beverages. The governor argues that the current law, which prohibits retailers [...]

December 2015 - January 2016 ::Maryland :: Premises Regulation

The Maryland Wineries Association (MWA) is currently supporting legislation to allow breweries, wineries and distilleries in Maryland to coexist on the same premises. Since its inception, the MWA has grown to a membership of 75 wineries.

October 2015 ::California :: Winery Fast Tracking

The Napa County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors are looking into a streamlined method for small wineries. The recommendations would fast track wineries making 30,000 gallons or less of wine annually that meet other regulations for size and usage. These wineries would be able to seek approval from the zoning administrator rather than a [...]

September 2015 ::Washington :: Tasting Room Regulation

Tasting rooms are being targeted in a crackdown by officials in King County, Washington citing improper land use. County officials contest that tasting rooms zoned on rural or agricultural land are not compliant with local ordinances. The crackdown is also related to a larger issue or declining rural land from suburban encroachment.