State::Retailer Licensing

March 2016 ::New Mexico :: Premises Regulation

SB 163, a bill that has passed both state legislative chambers but is awaiting the Governor’s signature, would allow retail establishments (including gas stations and package stores) with package licenses to sell beer and cider in growlers. Due to the issues involved with alcohol and packaging — federal regulation, quality control, liability for sanitations, labeling, [...]

March 2016 ::Colorado :: Distillery Licensing

Craft distillers backed a senate bill,  SB-16-053, to allow limited self-distribution by distillers without having to purchase an additional wholesaler license.

March 2016 ::Colorado :: Premises Regulation

Two pending November ballot initiatives would allow grocery and convenience stores that derive 25% of their revenues, excluding fuel and lottery ticket sales, from food to get a food store license to allow them to sell full-strength beer and wine. This new license would remove the restriction that limited a grocery chain to holding only [...]

April 2015 ::New York :: Direct Shipping & Licensing

In the wake of the Empire Wine lawsuit, New York Assemblyman Phil Steck (D-Loudonville) introduced a bill that would prohibit the State Liquor Authority from revoking the license of a business it has deemed violated the laws of another state. Steck is seeking a Senate sponsor to the measure.

February 2015 ::Alaska :: Regulation & Retailer Licensing

Alaska’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board are advising legislators to reduce the criminal classification of charges for selling alcohol to minors and eliminating some of the penalties for minors cited with consumption.  These recommendations are only the first of over 30  that they have outlined for lawmakers.   Others of note include: Increased funding of alcohol [...]