March 2016 ::Washington :: Distribution Regulation

The Washington Wine Institute’s proposal, Senate Bill 6470, cleared both House Policy and Fiscal Committees this week and is headed to the House Rules Committee for further consideration before being voted on by the full House. As amended, the bill will now allow wineries to take orders and accept payment for both wine delivery and [...]

March 2016 ::Washington :: State Legislature

State lawmakers have until March 10 to pass supplemental operating, capital, and transportation budgets and then recess for the year to focus on their election.   Legislation requiring written notification at least 2 hours prior to agricultural chemical applications was introduced early in the session. The bill sponsors indicated it was to address off-target exposure [...]

March 2016 ::New Mexico :: Distribution Regulation

The introduction of SB 264 to the state legislature was another attempt to permit the delivery and sale of beer and wine alongside food deliveries, however, it did not make it out of committee.  

March 2016 ::New Mexico :: Premises Regulation

SB 163, a bill that has passed both state legislative chambers but is awaiting the Governor’s signature, would allow retail establishments (including gas stations and package stores) with package licenses to sell beer and cider in growlers. Due to the issues involved with alcohol and packaging — federal regulation, quality control, liability for sanitations, labeling, [...]

March 2016 ::Colorado :: Distillery Licensing

Craft distillers backed a senate bill,  SB-16-053, to allow limited self-distribution by distillers without having to purchase an additional wholesaler license.