March 2016 ::Washington :: State Legislature

State lawmakers have until March 10 to pass supplemental operating, capital, and transportation budgets and then recess for the year to focus on their election.   Legislation requiring written notification at least 2 hours prior to agricultural chemical applications was introduced early in the session. The bill sponsors indicated it was to address off-target exposure [...]

March 2016 ::New York :: State Funding

The New York Wine Industry Association, the New York Farm Bureau and the New York Winegrape Growers Association have just wrapped up two days of lobbying in Albany. The groups expressed concern over several key provisions that Governor Cuomo is attempting to pass as part of his budget proposal, including: – Minimum Wage Increases: New [...]

December 2015 - January 2016 ::Washington :: State Legislature

State Legislature: The 2016 legislative session has officially commenced. Last year, state lawmakers adopted two-year operating, capital and transportation budgets, making this session a “supplemental budget” year. This gives the legislators 60 days to make any small adjustments to their adopted budgets and consider whether to develop, remove or modify any taxes, regulations or other policies [...]