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December 2015 - January 2016 ::Indiana :: Sunday Sales

A new proposal spearheaded by Indiana House Public Policy Chairman Tom Dermody (R-La Porte) seeks to lift Indiana’s eight-decade-old ban on Sunday carryout alcohol sales. Dermody’s latest attempt to overturn the last “blue law” still in effect in the country would impose fewer new restrictions on grocery stores and pharmacies than a proposal that failed [...]

May 2015 ::Minnesota :: Sunday Sales

The Minnesota Senate has defeated a bid to open up Sunday liquor sales. Fans and foes of the ban both have reason to cheer the most recent vote on the issue. For the ban’s supporters the 35-28 vote was a relief amid the toughest campaign they’ve faced. Those urging repeal were heartened by movement of [...]

March 2015 ::New Mexico :: Sunday Sales

Rep. McCamley (D-Mesilla) has introduced HB 11.  If successful, the bill would repeal the ban on sales and service of alcohol on Sunday and Christmas.  Stores would be able to sell alcohol until 2 am; while restaurants would be able to sell until 11 pm or the cessation of meal service, whichever is earlier. (New [...]

March 2015 ::Indiana :: Sunday Sales

The Indiana House of Representatives has killed a bill that would lift the ban on Sunday carry-out alcohol sales.  In addition to lifting the ban, the bill would  have placed additional restrictions on stores and pharmacies.  Restrictions would have included creating a designated area for wine and beer and placing liquor behind counters.  While the [...]

February 2015 ::Indiana :: Sunday Sales

Pressure is growing to allow for Sunday liquor sales in Indiana.  A new coalition, led by big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Kroger has gained considerable traction in pushing to overturn the Prohibition Era regulation.  For the first time, public opinion seems to be in favor of repealing the legislation.  As it stands, Indiana remains [...]