March 2016 ::Missouri :: Tax Credit

A Senate hearing has been scheduled this month for SB 709, which would allow used equipment to qualify for the Wine and Grape tax credit. The bill also caps the tax credit at $1 million annually, beginning August 28, 2016. This act is identical to HB 506 and SB 293, both passed in 2015.  

August 2015 ::Idaho :: Taxes

In the state of Idaho, beer that contains more than 4% ABV is considered “strong beer” and is taxed at the same level as wine, and falls under the wine excise tax. A potential separation of “strong beer” and wine under the Idaho tax code may be coming in the near future.

August 2015 ::Rhode Island :: Taxes

Sales taxes on wine and spirits will officially fall to zero this summer, as a law passed in 2013 repealing the sales taxes and beginning a 15 month trial period comes to end. Many claim that this will will help the liquor stores in the state compete with stores in neighboring Massachusetts, which repealed all [...]

July 2015 ::Washington :: Taxes

Washington Legislators approved a ten year renewal of a food processors’ B&O tax incentive for out-of-state sales that will enable the state’s wineries to continue to compete on store shelves and in restaurants across the country and around the world. It was unclear up until the very end of budget negotiations between their Governor, Senate, [...]

April 2015 ::Washington :: Taxes

On Thursday March 26th The Washington Wine Institute (WWI) testified before their state’s Senate Ways and Means committee in favor of legislation that would extend a business and occupations tax incentive for food processors that ship and sell their products outside of Washington state. If the current B&O tax incentive, set to expire June 30th, [...]