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October 2015 ::California :: Water Policy

U.S. Rep. Janice Hahn has been examining shipping water from Alaska to address drought concerns in the state. The water would be shipped from Blue Lake in Sitka, Alaska and provide relief for smaller water districts. However shipping water from Alaska would cost as much as six cents per gallon, twelve times the normal cost [...]

October 2015 ::California :: Water Policy

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued a nationwide stay blocking the enforcement of water regulations by federal agencies. The Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulation, the Waters of the United States ruling, clarified the scope of federal regulatory power over water rights. The rules have pending court [...]

April 2015 ::Idaho :: Water Rights

Water Rights: The Idaho Department of Water Resources has taken the position to count flood control releases against the storage rights of Boise Valley water rights holders within the three reservoir systems of Arrowrock, Anderson Ranch, and Lucky Peak.  The Idaho Wine Commission and other industries  have broached the issue with legislators , but to [...]

February 2015 ::California :: Industry Infrastructure & Water Rights

On January 15 of 2015 five federal and state agencies involved in the operation and regulation of the Central Valley Project (CVP) and the State Water Project (SWP) released a joint interagency 2015 Drought Contingency Plan.  The report outlines anticipated drought response actions that will be undertaken should the drought extend into its fourth year. [...]

December 2014 ::California :: Water Rights

Work is beginning on formation of local groundwater management agencies under SB 1168 passed last year. This bill imposed that: all groundwater basins and subbasins be managed sustainably by local entities pursuant to an adopted sustainable groundwater management plan; the implementation of a sustainable groundwater management plan must be directed first to high and medium [...]