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July 2015 ::Colorado :: Winery Licensing

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) is beginning its annual compliance workgroup/rule making process sessions this month.  One of the topics to be addressed is the creation of procedures for complying with the recently passed HB15-1217, giving local licensing authorities greater input and veto ability over state-issued manufacturer sales room permits.  Although the bill was successfully [...]

May 2014 ::Colorado :: Winery Licensing

HB14-1034 sponsored by Rep. Angela Williams, which will allow wineries and wholesalers licensed in Colorado to exercise the privileges of the Federal Tax Paid Bottling House permit under state law, passed without a single vote against in all of its hearings and debates in both Houses. The Governor is hosting a signing ceremony at Infinite [...]

May 2014 ::Arizona :: Winery Licensing

Members and supporters of the Arizona Wine Growers Association implemented a comprehensive legislative strategy this session, which culminated in the successful passage last Wednesday of Senate Bill 1397, enjoying nearly unanimous support. Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill into law on April 30. The Arizona wine industry has a growing economic impact in terms of [...]

May 2014 ::Arizona :: Winery Licensing

Senate Bill 1397 was approved by state lawmakers. Wineries that do not produce wine or grow grapes will no longer be allowed to operate under under a state farm winery license. These wineries will have until January 2019 to comply or face losing their license. The new license is effective July 2014.

April 2014 ::Washington :: Winery Licensing

SB 6514 sponsored by Sen. Kohl-Welles et al., modifies the definition of qualifying farmers markets for the sale of wine and beer. The bill reaffirms that wineries can sell their products and offer free tastings on their premises and permits wineries to sell wines made entirely from Washington grapes at qualifying farmers markets for an [...]