Quarterly Industry Bulletin

WineAmerica’s National Industry Bulletin is a summary of developments and trends directly from the local sources. Every quarter we compile a digest of federal and regional wine industry trends contributed by our State and Regional Associations Advisory Council and sent to our nationwide membership. The National Industry Bulletin is your nationwide snapshot of wine trends through the eyes WineAmerica here in Washington, DC and from local players around the country.

Latest Bulletin

2014 Fall Industry Bulletin

The United States now surpasses France as the world’s largest wine market. Additionally, Wine Market Council, a non-profit association of grape growers, wine producers, importers, distributors, and other affiliated wine business, compiled research covering American wine consumption. Of the 230 million adults in the U.S., Wine Market Council found that 44% drink wine.

The Napa Valley Grape Growers released a Viticultural Best Practices Video Series. The series focuses on offering instructional how-to videos on farming practices. The aim is to promote sustainable best practices for most of the major viticultural events that happen throughout the growing season. The videos can be viewed here (https://www.napagrowers.org/in-the-vineyard/viticultural-best-practices-video-series/).
Many regions experienced crop losses due to cold temperatures. These regions include: northwest Pennsylvania, the Finger Lakes region of New York (a loss of 40% in yields), Illinois (10-15%), Michigan (nearly 50%), Ohio, Iowa (40%), and Nebraska (60%).

However, many states’ crops yielded record high crops: Long Island New York, southwestern Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho (20% higher yield).

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