Association Membership

Join the State and Regional Associations Advisory Council

The State and Regional Associations Advisory Council (SRAAC) provides an invaluable forum for communication and grassroots action on issues of concern to our industry. In the face of a legislative challenge, whether at the state or federal level, the SRAAC unites the wine industry.


The goals of the SRAAC are as follows:

  • Issues Symposium – Provide a forum for each state to discuss legislative and general operational issues.
  • Policy Education Support – Provide resources and direction to encourage and assist with policy education at the regional, state and federal level.
  • Grassroots Support – Facilitate inter- and intra-state communication and assist with strengthening individual associations.

View membership

To join, apply online or fill out a membership application and mail it to WineAmerica. For more information, please contact Michael Kaiser at or call 202-223-5172.

Membership Rates

Dues are based on the number of members in an association.

WineAmerica does not represent members of an association through the SRAAC. If you have members who seek the benefits of WineAmerica membership, please have them contact Tara Good at or 202-223-5175.

  • $ 600 minimum for associations with 50 members and less
  • $ 12 per member for associations with over 50 members

Rates have been set to cater to the financial difficulty many associations face. If you find the SRAAC valuable, and are in the position to do so, any additional contributions are very appreciated.

Member Participation

Monthly Policy Call
Keep abreast of news and issues affecting state and regional associations at the federal level and across the country.

Educational Materials

WineAmerica is continually collaborating with the SRAAC to create new educational content for it’s members. Examples include:

  • TTB label approval: “How To”
  • Social media legalities: “What to Do”
  • Music licensing: “How to Protect Yourself”
  • and more…

Weekly Email Updates

An update of what is happening in Washington DC,  at WineAmerica, and around the country sent to your inbox weekly.

Wine and Grape Policy Conference

Held every spring in Washington, D.C., it is the best opportunity for America’s wineries to show Congress our national economic power and local grassroots. Members discuss national issues, meet with fellow winery owners from around the country, and have meetings with their state representatives.

Congressional Wine Tasting
As part of WineAmerica’s Board of Directors Meeting and Policy Conference, WineAmerica holds a tasting of American wines. One of the most diverse and exclusive tastings in the country, this private tasting is held in the Offices of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill and is attended by members of Congress, press, and industry partners. Become a part of this exclusive opportunity to showcase your wine on the national stage.

Fall Membership Meeting
To complement the spring policy meeting, WineAmerica holds a Fall Membership Meeting and Organization Retreat. The purpose of the fall meeting is to focus on the future of WineAmerica as an organization and how it works to represent the American Wine industry. Held every year in a different major winegrowing region, the fall meeting is your chance to meet with leaders of the industry and make your voice heard at WineAmerica.

Saving Benefits
Enjoy savings on services and products used by your business.

Bi-annual Web Conference
Unable to travel to our national meetings? We still want to hear from you. Our bi-annual web conference is your way to interact with WineAmerica from wherever you have a computer. Get up-to-date on current issues across the country and learn about new savings discounts WineAmerica is offering its members. The web conference is designed to foster greater member participation in WineAmerica’s policy planning and decision-making.