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Winery Membership

Join the national winery association and make your voice heard on Capitol Hill. As America’s national winery association we serve our membership in two ways. WineAmerica works to improve laws affecting wineries at the local, state and national level. Winemakers work hard on their vineyard while we work hard in Washington DC and in capitols across the county. Don’t leave laws affecting your winery in the hands of others, get involved today! WineAmerica offers WineAmerica Benefits, a saving benefit program, offering discounts on commonly used services. We find that the savings wineries receive through our benefits program often exceeds the price of membership. We are constantly updating our list of supplier members, so check back frequently to see how you can continue to benefit from being a member of WineAmerica.

Family Winemakers of California Joint Program

Is your winery located in California? If so, WineAmerica has a joint membership program with the Family Winemakers of California. By joining both associations, you receive unparalleled benefits at the state and national level. Click here to join.

How Membership Rates Work

  • If your winery sells less than 10,000 gallons, your dues are a flat $500.
  • If you sell between 10,000 and 70,000, it is 5 cents a gallon.
  • Once your winery hits the 70,000 gallon mark, the rate drops to 1 cent a gallon.
  • The top rate for WineAmerica membership is $47,500 yearly.

Less than 10,000 gallons = $500 Minimum Dues More than 10,000 gallons Gallons Sold Dues Amount_________ X .05 (5¢ per gallon) = _________ More than 70,000 gallons Gallons Sold (over 70,000) Base Dues Dues Amount __________ X .01 (1¢ per gallon) + $3,500 = __________ Calculations above are based on a 12 month membership.

Member Participation

The National Wine Policy Bulletin

The monthly National Wine Policy Bulletin informs our members and state associations about emerging trends and possible policy solutions.

Annual Board of Directors Meeting and Policy Conference

WineAmerica’s Board of Directors Meeting and Policy Conference is held every spring in Washington DC and is the best opportunity for America’s wineries to show Congress our national economic power and local grassroots. Members discuss national issues, meet with fellow winery owners from around the country, and have meetings with their state representatives.

Congressional Tasting of American Wines

As part of WineAmerica’s Board of Directors Meeting and Policy Conference we hold a tasting of American wines. One of the most diverse and exclusive tastings in the country, this private tasting is held in the Offices of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill and is attended by members of congress, press and industry partners. Become a part of this exclusive opportunity to showcase your wine on the national stage. Take a look at photos from Taste the Wines of America 2013.

Fall Membership Meeting and Organization Retreat

To complement the spring policy meeting, WineAmerica hold a Fall Membership Meeting and Organization Retreat. The purpose of the fall meeting is focus on the future of WineAmerica as an organization and how it works to represent the American Wine industry. Held every year in a different major winegrowing region, the fall meeting is your chance to meeting with leaders of the industry and make your voice at WineAmerica heard.

A Biannual Policy Report and Organization Planning Web Conference

Unable to travel to our national meetings? We still want to hear from you. Our bi-annual web conference is your way to interact with WineAmerica from wherever you have a computer. Get up-to-date on current issues across the country, learn about new savings discounts WineAmerica is offering its members, the web conference is designed to foster greater member participation in WineAmerica’s policy planning and decision-making.

The WineAmerica News Post

Visit the WineAmerica News Post on this website and find out what is happening right now in the wine industry. Stay on top of the latest policy questions, and gather ideas and policy news and learn about our advocacy efforts.

The Membership Application

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For more questions, contact:
Tara Marie Good
Manager of Member Services