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Your membership and engagement with WineAmerica is crucial to ensure that America’s 50 states of wine continue to be represented fairly and proactively in Washington, D.C. 

Membership Rates

Dues are based on previous year’s gallons sold.

  • Wineries selling fewer than 10,000 gallons: $500
  • Wineries between 10,000 and 70,000 gallons: 5 cents per gallon.
  • Wineries producing over 70,000 gallons, it is still 5 cents per gallon on the first 70,000 (equaling $3,500), PLUS 1 cent on all additional gallonage, with a maximum of $47,500.

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What to Expect as a Member


Whether you need to file your federal excise taxes or have questions about how to license music, WineAmerica can help. Our team of experts are available to make sure you are informed about the issues that concern your business

Weekly Email Updates

Stay ahead of the curve. WineAmerica offers weekly updates regarding legislation that affects your business. We encourage participation in grassroots campaigns. We want you to save money and time when regulatory changes arise.

Quarterly Newsletter

Receive our quarterly newsletter. With 12 pages of full color, this newsletter is a collection of need-to-know current events that affect your business.

Educational Materials

Receive educational materials when you need them. From social media regulations to TTB label approval, we have the materials you need to navigate the trickier points of the alcohol industry

Wine and Grape Policy Conference

Held every spring in Washington, D.C., it is the best opportunity for America’s wineries to show Congress our national economic and local grassroots power. Members discuss national issues, meet with fellow winery owners from around the country, and attend meetings with their state representatives.

Congressional Wine Tasting

As part of WineAmerica’s Board of Directors Meeting and Policy Conference, WineAmerica holds a tasting of American wines. One of the most diverse and exclusive tastings in the country, this private event is held in the building of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill and is attended by members of Congress, press, and industry partners. It’s an exclusive opportunity to showcase your wine on the national stage.

Fall Membership Meeting

To complement the Spring Policy Meeting, WineAmerica holds a Fall Membership Meeting and Organization Retreat. The purpose of the Fall Meeting is to focus on the future of WineAmerica as an organization and how it represents the American Wine industry. Held every year in a different major winegrowing region, the Fall Meeting is your chance to meet with leaders of the industry and make your voice heard at WineAmerica.

Saving Benefits

Enjoy savings on products and services used by your business.

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Annual Savings from Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act

A chart of savings wineries receive following the passage of the craft modernization act.

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