Government Affairs

You don’t have time to defend your business’ interests against harmful laws, so we do it for you.

Visit our Policy Positions to learn more about the major issues facing the American wine industry. Our policy positions outline the history behind the issues, the significance of the possible changes and the stance WineAmerica has taken on the subject.

We believe keeping WineAmerica’s members informed and involved with the issues facing them is a major part of our job. Every month we email our members our National Wine Policy Bulletin. The bulletin is a digest of legislative issues collected from our association and send directly to your inbox. If you want to look something up, visit the National Wine Policy Bulletin webpage and search according to subject.

WineAmerica works tirelessly to improve the vast legislation regulating winemaking, sales and distribution at the federal, state and local levels. Many laws regulating beverage alcohol date back to Prohibition and before. WineAmerica seeks to modernize and streamline the way you do business. We serve as your eyes and ears in the nation’s capital, state capitals and courtrooms across the country, monitoring the issues that impact your business on a daily basis.