National Policy Day

Background: Wine Policy Days are events held at wineries across the country, aimed at educating legislators about the issues important to the wine industry.

Who Participates? WineAmerica works closely with regional and state winery associations to craft cohesive messaging on key issues. The associations then coordinate with local wineries to host the event.

Why is Wine Policy Day Important? The American wine industry faces an array of difficult issues. Legislators need to be educated about what makes wine different in order to write good laws. To get those laws passed, it is important that the industry stands together and speaks as a unified voice.

What Issues Are Discussed? Issues vary from year to year. For issues currently facing the American wine industry, refer to our Government Affairs page.

Are You a Winery Interested in Holding a National Wine Policy Day Event? You can host a National Wine Policy Day event two ways.

  1. Reach out to your local wine association. You can find a list of associations here.
  2. If your area does not have an association and you are a member of WineAmerica, reach out to WineAmerica directly, and we can get you everything you need to know to have a successful event. Contact Tara Good at or 202-223-5175.

For additional questions, refer to the Wine Policy Day Handbook.