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National Wine Policy Bulletin

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WineAmerica’s National Wine Policy Bulletin summary of legislation and trends directly from the local sources. Each month we compile a digest of federal and regional issues, contributed by our State Associations Council and sent to our nationwide membership. The National Wine Policy Bulletin is your nationwide snapshot of wine policy through the eyes WineAmerica here in Washington, DC and from local players around the country.

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Latest Bulletin

Sustainability/Regulation/Industry Infrastructure

A core group of agricultural leaders is working with the Department of Environmental Quality to draft a set of rules to exempt common agricultural practices from the penalties and provisions of Idaho’s Fugitive Dust Rules. Currently, the Rules state “any agricultural operation that puts dust into the atmosphere is in violation of these Rules and could also be subject to similar penalties for violating the Rules.” This includes all aspects of agriculture production from planting to harvest. The Rules were adopted in the 1970’s as a response to the Clean Air Act’s passage.  These new rules will go in front of the Idaho Legislature during the 2015 Session for final consideration.  The Rules would not exempt those already required to obtain air permits for manufacturing and industrial operations.


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Retailer Licensing

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