The Magic of Wine: An Opportunity

Wine is magic. 

It’s aroma, bouquet and taste—but so much more.

It’s a farm product…a land preserver…a reflection of place and time…an artistic statement…a tasteful elixir…liquid food…an inspiration for poets…a biblical focus… a cultural phenomenon…an international toast…an economic engine…and a noble beverage with humble roots which brings people together.

So let’s shine a light on the magic of wine: humble grape juice fermented into liquid art.

It’s easy to fret about the future of wine. Boomers are aging, younger generations are opting out, spirits are innovating, and there are increasing warnings about the dangers of alcohol.

It’s deja vu all over again. We’ve been here before, and we’ll be here again in this boom-and-bust-and boom industry. But we don’t have to just stand by and sulk. We can broadcast the magic of wine.

Why not let people know?

WineAmerica’s focus is on federal public policy advocacy to protect and enhance the business climate for the American wine industry. We’re not a p.r. agency, nor do we have the money to retain one. But we have some 400 winery members and trade associations who can serve as ambassadors for wine.

Our winery members deal with people every day: tasting room visitors, wine club members, traditional and social media, wholesalers, retailers, legislators, and others who can help spread the word—if they have it.

This section of WineAmerica’s website provides materials that you can use to broadcast the magic of wine, and how it enhances our lives in so many ways. The content is intended to be brief, light and fun, but educational and accurate at the same time. We welcome suggestions to extend and enhance it.

The current “chapters” are: 

Wine Facts fun facts about this magic juice

Wine Wishes — a sampling of toasts from around the world

Wine Sensations — the sensory appeal of fermented grape juice

Wine Words — quotes from famous (and other) people including descriptions, wine and nature, food, attitude, moderation, family and friends, and humor

Wine Farming — wine’s reflection of place and time, and preservation of land

Wine Wealth — the many economic contributions wine makes from vine to glass

More content will be coming soon.


So let’s spread the word.  How do you do that? Use the information in this section, and pass it on to as many others as possible. But here are some suggestions:

—Create links to this on your website

—Use relevant information in your newsletters, advertising, wine club messaging, press releases, social media and other forms of communication

—For items like the international toasts or wine words, add your favorites to your tasting room menus; print them on your paper bags; create a simple bag stuffer, topped with “Thank You”; train your staff to use them with customers.

—For the Economic Impact Study:

   – Use appropriate state-level documents on your website, and provide a link to the WineAmerica website section on Economic Impact

   –Tout specific economic benefits (like number of tourists, and expenditures) in your newsletters and other communications

   –Highlight the amounts of state and local taxes generated by wine

   –Frame the state infographic and display at various places in your tasting room

   –Contact your federal, state, and local legislators to let them know of wine’s economic impact on your state, and include the three documents cited here

   –Make friendly signage near your checkout counter thanking customers for buying your wine and showing how it helps the local economy (the number of people you employ, the tourism figures, the state and local tax figures, etc.)

   –Create a simple bag stuffer thanking customers, mentioning the jobs they’re supporting, and inviting them to join your wine club.

—For the Agricultural information:

   –Share this with local, state, and national public officials

   –Share with your state Farm Bureau, local Chambers of Commerce, plus major agricultural suppliers

   –Use some of the same communications tactics as for Economic Impact, above.

You can make a difference, but WE can make a HUGE difference if we all work together and deliver the same message.

Diversity is our Strength. Unity is our Power!