Wine Wishes

If music is the international language, wine is the global toast.

For all kinds of occasions, or none at all, raising a glass means good job, good wishes, and good luck. Wine launches ships, celebrates treaties, marks graduations, cheers weddings, recognizes success, and brings joy to family and friends.

Here’s a small sampling of toasts from around the world, and a phonetic pronunciation guide. Regardless of the language, there’s music in those clinks.

  • Cheers  (English)
  • L’chaim (Hebrew, Le-Cha-im!)
  • Slainte (Irish Gaelic, SLAHN-jun)
  • Cin Cin (Italian , cheen cheen)
  • Serefe (Turkish, cheh-reh-FEH))
  • Kanpai (Japan, Kan-pie)
  • Salud (Spain, Sah-lud)
  • Prost  (Germany, Prohst)
  • Sante (France, or A Votre Sante, Sahn-tay)
  • Saude  (Portugal, Saw-OO-de)
  • Geonbae (Korea, Guun-bae)
  • Skal (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Skawl)
  • Gesondheid (Afrikaans, Ge-sund-hate)
  • Ganbei (China, Gan-bay)
  • Yamas (Greek, Ya-Mas)