Nutritional and Ingredient Labeling

Congress is in recess for the moment, so DC is relatively quiet, though legislative staff continues to work on various issues, as does WineAmerica’s staff.

Even though there is still no official notice from the Tax and Trade Bureau, we know they will be examining the issues of nutritional and ingredient labeling for alcoholic beverages (not just wine). Rather than wait for the official notices, WineAmerica has been informing its members on what to expect and when.

We started with the broad industry survey, which showed that most wineries are not enthused about the idea but also feel that it is coming. We then held a members-only Zoom listening session to review those results and provide more specific information on the process and expected timing.

Now we’ve scheduled two more listening sessions with further updates, including consumer attitudes about such labeling by the Wine Market Council; and a presentation by our partners at FIVS about what is happening in the European Union on this issue, and how it affects American wineries which export to those countries. A follow-up session in June will provide updated information on the entire issue. Invitations to WineAmerica members have already been sent.

In addition, our weekly members-only newsletter each Monday contains additional information on this and other issues. If you’re not a member and wish to stay informed, you can join here.