Policy Perspectives

There is little to report this week, as there is still no confirmed Speaker of the House, without which nothing can happen. In a recent vote of the Republican caucus, Majority Leader Steve Scalise (LA) barely bested Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. But it’s still not clear if Mr. Scalise can muster the much larger majority needed to win the gavel, or even when a vote will take place. Meanwhile, a potential government shutdown is about a month away (again).

SVB State of the Wine Industry Survey

We strongly encourage all wineries, especially those outside of California, to complete the annual SVB State of the Wine Industry Survey, which always provides valuable information about where the industry stands, where it appears to be heading, and what can be done to make it better. We obviously want CA wineries to respond as well, but since wine is produced in all 50 states, broader participation would provide a more accurate picture, just like WineAmerica’s national economic impact study does.

Those who participate will receive exclusive access to the anonymized results and other valuable information, For more information, and to take the survey, use the links below. Deadline is October 22.

This year’s survey and Past Reports

NOTE: There may be no WineAmerica Perspectives newsletters for the next couple weeks as I’ll be out of the country on business, attending two vital conferences.