Policy Perspectives

Label Approvals: Submit Now

Yes, we’ve warned of a potential government shutdown before and it didn’t happen, but this time it’s far more likely due to the ongoing chaos in the House. This would occur on November 17, meaning TTB would close, and label approval turnarounds would go from a couple days to weeks or months once the government reopens. So if you need anything approved, act now.

FIVS: The International Insurance Policy

An Ohio winery owner described WineAmerica as a “legislative insurance policy”, describing his annual dues as the “premium” that lets us protect and enhance the business climate for the wine industry.

That same analogy applies to  FIVS, the international organization which protects the worldwide wine industry and met in London this week to discuss the most pressing issues and how to address them. WineAmerica proudly supports that vital work.

The first day focused on the environmental sustainability challenges facing the alcohol beverage sector among producers, the supply chain, wholesalers and retailers. The second day involved reports from various working groups on science and technology, communication about wine and health, economic sustainability, and other timely topics.

While WineAmerica represents 46 states, FIVS represents 25 countries, so the speakers and attendees come from around the world to share their knowledge and experience. The blend of communication, collaboration, and consensus has made FIVS a powerful and respected voice representing the wine community worldwide.

At a Gala Dinner concluding the conference, FIVS leadership and members saluted Bennett Caplan, who for years has coordinated the organization as Head of Secretariat in Washington, DC. A lawyer with extensive experience in the beverage alcohol industry, Bennett has done a superb job leading FIVS, and will be transitioning to a new role at the end of the year. Bravo!

For more information on FIVS, and how to become a member, visit FIVS.org.