Policy Perspectives

Falling Fast

Fall is officially still three weeks away, but there are plenty of reminders that it’s fast approaching. It’s Labor Day weekend. Dawn is later, dusk is earlier. Daily highs and lows are falling. Keuka Lake temp is now 74 after nearing 80. The first lake-effect cloud appeared early Monday morning. Harvest is over in Texas, winding down in Florida, and just starting in New York. Schools are reopening, college football is back, and fall tourism is building.

Next week also marks the return of the House, and a week later the Senate, for what will be a nasty, contentious three weeks before a possible government shutdown on October 1. Fall fights are common due to the annual budget schedule, but this one threatens to do real damage due to the toxic mix of money, politics, and lawsuits. So here we go, back into the fray.

Still, do your best to savor the season.