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Wineries that use TIPS benefit immediately by reducing risk and creating a safer, more responsible environment. TIPS training can:

  • Reduce exposure to alcohol liability lawsuits
  • Address wine-related issues specific to your environment (tastings, festivals, retail store, on-site restaurant, etc.)
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduce penalties for alcohol violations
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction.

WineAmerica Member Involvement

WineAmerica and WineAmerica members can take an active roll in promoting responsible consumption by using TIPS Training as a medium. There are several options available:

Become a certified TIPS Trainer by attending a TIPS Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Your Region

An on-staff TIPS trainer constitutes a full-full time customer service expert who will foster an atmosphere of professionalism, maintain compliance with state and local regulations, encourage teamwork among staff members, and build bridges to your community. An on-staff TIPS trainer also gives you the flexibility to train on your own schedule, allowing you to maintain excellent standards even when facing high turnover or gearing up for seasonal challenges.

To become a TIPS Trainer, WineAmerica members need to successfully complete a two-day, train-the-trainer workshop. To attend a workshop in your region, contact TIPS at 800-438-8477 or visit

Hire A TIPS Trainer in Your Region

There are over 7,000 certified TIPS trainers across the country. Many certified TIPS trainers offer their services to wineries for a nominal fee. To find a TIPS Trainer in your region, you can complete the training request form at

Offer eTIPS, an Online Alcohol Server and Seller Certification Course

With eTIPS, WineAmerica members are able to receive the same quality training that is available in the classroom. eTIPS training is a self-paced, innovative approach to alcohol server and seller training. To get started, visit

WineAmerica Discounts

WineAmerica members receive discounts on TIPS training through the WineAmerica Benefits Program.

Product Standard Price
WineAmerica Member Price
TIPS Train-the Trainer Workshop $499 per person $399 per person
TIPS Participant Manuals $16 per manual* $15 per manual*
eTIPS – Online Certification $40 per person $30 per person**

*Manuals are sold in bundles of 10 and are required to receive certification in our classroom programs.
**Become a member to receive your WineAmerica Promotion Code.

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p: (800) 438-8477