Policy Perspectives

WineAmerica 2024 Government Affairs

Vineyardists grow grapes. Wineries make wine. WineAmerica shapes policy.

This newsletter may be your main contact with WineAmerica, but in fact our main “product” is far more complex and important: shaping federal public policy to protect and enhance the business climate for the American wine industry.

We recently published the WineAmerica 2024 Government Affairs handbook which details who we are (Board of Directors, staff, and State and Regional Associations Advisory Council), how we operate (policy development, execution, and achievements), the policy outlook for 2024, and details on the many legislative and regulatory issues we are involved in.

Executive Vice President and Director of Government Affairs Michael Kaiser spearheads our program with input from the Government Affairs Committee consisting of Board and non-Board members. WineAmerica also works closely with Wine Institute and other beverage associations on certain issues.

All of this is made possible by our members, whose dues pay for a lot more than a newsletter subscription but rather a professional lobbying organization.