Senator Schumer Visits the Finger Lakes

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Meets with WineAmerica and Waterloo Container WATERLOO, NY–Senate Majority Chuck Schumer met on Friday, December 2 with leaders of WineAmerica, the National Association of American Wineries, and owners of Waterloo Container, a large supplier of bottles to the American wine industry located in the fabulous Finger Lakes wine region of upstate … Read more

Year-End Wrap-Up in DC

So now the election is over (Yes!), but the new Congress hasn’t been sworn in, and there’s still some unfinished business to attend to–like keeping the government open. So, what to do? Enter the “Lame Duck”. The term originated in the London Stock Exchange, referring to members who lost their privileges because they couldn’t meet … Read more

Wine Industry Taxes: $31 Billion in 2022

Wine benefits the American economy in many ways–by preserving agriculture, providing jobs and wages, supporting local communities, attracting tourists, generating local pride, enhancing the quality of life–and so much more.  Oh, and taxes. Of all kinds, at all levels. WineAmerica’s 2022 National Economic Impact Study of the Wine Industry by John Dunham & Associates puts … Read more

Wine’s “Induced” Impact: $88.2 Billion

Wine benefits Americans throughout the country who have nothing at all to do with the production, distribution or sales of wine–and may not even drink it. In fact, 473,208 workers earning $29,329,602,600 in wages benefit from “Induced” impact, which totals $88,264,118,100. To put that in perspective, the wine industry’s total impact on the American economy in 2022 is $276 billion, with $111.5 billion … Read more

Wine’s “Supplier” Impact: $76.3 Billion

–If you didn’t have rootstock, how could you grow a grape? –If you didn’t have tanks, how would your ferment the juice? –If you didn’t have bottles, how would you package the wine? –If you didn’t have trucks, how would you get it to market? –And if you didn’t have computers, how would you keep … Read more