Join the national winery association and make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.

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As America’s national winery association we serve our membership in two ways.

WineAmerica works to improve laws affecting wineries at the local, state and national level. Winemakers work hard on their vineyard while we work hard in Washington DC and in capitols across the county. Don’t leave laws affecting your winery in the hands of others, get involved today!

WineAmerica offers WineAmerica Benefits, a saving benefit program, offering discounts on commonly used services. We find that the savings wineries receive through our benefits program often exceeds the price of membership. We are constantly updating our list of supplier members, so check back frequently to see how you can continue to benefit from being a member of WineAmerica.

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Whether you have supported winemakers for years, or are looking to break into the industry, WineAmerica is your opportunity to reach hundreds of wineries across the country. Negotiate a custom price package and join the ranks of well-known companies offering discounts to our winery members. Or chose from one of our membership levels depending on your needs. Visit the Supplier Member Page to view the various levels.

Association Membership

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The State and Regional Associations Advisory Council (SRAAC) was created as an advisory body comprised of state and regional winery and winegrower associations. The SRAAC provides an invaluable forum for communication and grassroots action on issues of concern to the wine industry. For more information click here.

Questions? Contact: Tara Marie Good, Vice President, or 202-223-5175.