About WineAmerica

WineAmerica’s mission is to encourage dynamic growth and development of American wineries and vineyards through the advancement of sound public policy.


Founded in 1978, the Association of American Vintners started as a trade group based in the eastern United States. By 1991, it had expanded and eventually merged with the National Vintners Association, and became the American Vintners Association.

In 2003, that association was rebranded WineAmerica to reflect its national role as the American wine industry’s voice in Washington DC.

Now, with more than 600 members, WineAmerica serves the interests of wineries in all 50 states by leveraging its formidable lobbying strength to benefit the entire industry.

WineAmerica works tirelessly to improve federal legislation regulating winemaking, sales and distribution. WineAmerica seeks to modernize Prohibition-era laws while keeping track of new technologies and how they affect wine businesses.

Through two conferences per year, WineAmerica offers members direct access to policy makers in Washington D.C. as well as a shared grassroots platform with wine industry peers across the country.

Members receive monthly policy bulletins, weekly email updates, a stream of educational materials, and numerous business savings through our industry partners

As the only national grassroots voice in Washington, D.C. WineAmerica is constantly working to protect and promote the prosperity of America’s diverse wine industry.

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Our By-Laws are available upon request. Please contact Tara Good at tgood@nullwineamerica.org