Congressional Recess and TTB, Funding

How did half a year fly by already? And how it is possible that in a similarly short period we’ll be at the end of 2022 with the elections over (thank goodness) and most likely a new power dynamic in DC for the next two years? As usual, Congress is in recess, but some things … Read more

Suggested Changes for Covid-Era Competitions

Line of wine bottles. Close-up.

June 11th, 2020–Some state winery trade association leaders have inquired about the feasibility of holding professional wine competitions while there are still certain restrictions due to the Covid crisis. I (Jim Trezise) have judged in about 300 competitions over the years, and created and oversaw the New York Wine & Food Classic competition for 30 … Read more

Third Covid-19 Economic Impact Survey

Covid 19 World

WineAmerica’s third survey of American wineries showed that many have weathered the coronavirus storm, but have lost money, and will take months to get back to pre-Covid levels. This survey focused primarily on the month of May following two previous ones covering earlier periods. Almost all states are now in some phase of reopening, so … Read more

WineAmerica Changes Leadership

Washington, DC–WineAmerica, the national association of American wineries, elected new leaders at its June 3 virtual Board meeting, continuing a long tradition of leadership changes every two years. Janie Brooks Heuck, Managing Director of Brooks Wines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, ascended from Vice Chair to Chair of the WineAmerica Board. Debra Dommen, Vice President of … Read more