Georgia Wine Country

Georgia Road sign. Text: Profiles in wine

Wine is produced and consumed in all 50 states, and every single one is wonderfully unique… Georgia has a long history of wine going back to the 19th Century, and was even the sixth largest wine-producing state in 1900. But it was also among the first to institute Prohibition (in 1907), which devastated the industry … Read more

Farm Bill and Nutritional Information and Ingredient Labeling

WineAmerica Perspectives by Jim Trezise, President

Farm Bill: Here We Go. The most consequential piece of legislation for the grape and wine industry is now on its way, and WineAmerica has already begun weighing in. Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Ranking Member John Boozman (R-AR) have officially invited comments from anyone interested in this bill, which sets agricultural … Read more

Florida Wine Country

Florida is the third largest state in terms of wine’s economic impact—after CA and TX, and ahead of NY—not because of its wine industry, but rather its large population and wine consumption, which boosts the wholesale and retail sectors. For perspective, the wine industry’s impact in CA comes in at $88.1 B, TX at 20.3 … Read more

National Vineyard Survey and Nutritional Labeling

WineAmerica Perspectives by Jim Trezise, President

National Vineyard Survey Alas, the wheels of government turn very slowly, which in some ways is good but may also be frustrating. Specifically, the national vineyard survey that was “encouraged” in the 2022 Omnibus spending bill, thanks to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, can’t even get started until there’s money specifically earmarked for it. So … Read more

State Profile: Delaware Wine Country

Delaware Profile Delaware is a tiny state in the middle of everywhere, bordering three other states as well as the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. The Delmarva Peninsula combines Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, and to the north is Pennsylvania. In fact, Harvest Ridge Winery straddles Maryland and Delaware right at the Mason-Dixon Line, with a … Read more