State and Regional Associations Advisory Council

WineAmerica’s State and Regional Associations Advisory Council (SRAAC) is an advisory body comprised of state and regional winery and winegrower associations. The SRAAC provides an invaluable forum for communication and grassroots action on issues of concern to the wine industry.

The goals of the SRAAC are as follows:

  • Issues Symposium – Provide a forum for each state to discuss legislative and general operational issues.
  • Policy Education Support – Provide resources and direction to encourage and assist with policy education at the regional, state and federal level.
  • Grassroots Support – Facilitate inter- and intra-state communication and assist with strengthening individual associations.

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To join, apply online or fill out a membership application and mail it to WineAmerica. For more information, please contact Michael Kaiser at or call 202-223-5172.

What State Leaders Have Been Saying

The SRAAC is a vital nexus of contacts and information for people who run state and regional wine trade associations. The bi-annual face-to-face meetings, monthly telephone conference calls, and frequent electronic communications provide a resource simply not found elsewhere.
-Jim Trezise, President, New York Wine & Grape Foundation

The SRAAC will enhance the effectiveness of wine associations across the country—and build the industry’s strength in D.C.
-Kevin Atticks, SRAAC Chair (former) and Executive Director of the Maryland Wineries Association

I’ve found Wine Institute’s ongoing participation in the SRAAC to have greatly enhanced our relationships with local winery associations across the country. All of us are more successful when we have better communication. I am pleased to see the proposed changes outlined for the SRAAC as they should further enhance all of our efforts on behalf of the wine industry.
-Steve Gross, Vice-President of State Relations, Wine Institute