Ask Your Advocate – Does the TTB plan on requiring GMO labeling in alcoholic beverages?

Does the TTB plan on requiring GMO labeling in alcoholic beverages?

The TTB does not mandate the use of GMOs on alcoholic beverages. There is no federal GMO labeling requirement currently. Until such time, disclosure is voluntary. The TTB is currently doing an internal review on the existing standards for disclosing any GMOs used in the winemaking process. As of now, with the lack of a federal labeling requirement, it remains to be seen what TTB will do, if anything.

How do I know what is required to ship wine into a particular state?

Currently, 43 states allow some form of direct shipment to varying degrees. Each state has a different requirement. It is easy to become confused by all of the different laws and regulations in each state, but virtually all states that allow shipping have a permitting requirement. No shipping should be down without the proper permitting. Visit ShipCompliant’s state-by-state listing here for a better understanding of what is required.

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