Canada and Mexico Given Approval to Implement over $1 Billion in Damaging Tariffs on American Exports, Including Wine

Washington, DC – The World Trade Organization (WTO) announced today that it is authorizing Canada and Mexico to move forward with a combined $1,009,760,000 in retaliatory tariffs in response to U.S. noncompliance on Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for muscle cuts of beef and pork. WineAmerica urges Congress to enact a full repeal of the non-compliant provisions of the law to avoid retaliation and honor our international trade obligations. Wine has long been a target for COOL retaliation and today’s announcement signals that we have run out of time on this issue. Retaliation could start within days, posing a very real threat to our economy and thousands of American jobs. Unless Congress acts now, companies that export to our two largest trading partners are in jeopardy of losing significant market share that will be difficult to regain. We urge Congress to act now to bring the U.S. into compliance and end this impending negative economic blow to the U.S. economy.

WineAmerica will work with its partners in the COOL Reform Coalition to ensure quick a timely repeal of the COOL rules.

To learn more about the COOL issue, please visit WineAmerica’s in-depth analysis on the impact it will have on the American wine industry.  

Reach out to Michael Kaiser, Director of Public Affairs here at WineAmerica with any questions.

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