Featured Winery of the Week: Fire Mountain Wines

Located in Arizona, Fire Mountain Wines embraces its Southwestern heritage to create its wine. Pulling not just from Arizona vineyards, the winery sources grapes from California and New Mexico, as well. Since its founding in 2011, Fire Mountain Wines has highlighted Cottonwood’s Native American roots. Besides using ancient wine techniques first employed by Native American in the area, the tasting room is used as an art gallery for local crafts and artwork.

Besides creating wonderful wine, the ultimate goal of the winery is to connect people within their own community. Every Monday, the winery holds Locals Night for people in the Cottonwood area to relax and release their Monday blues. As part of the Verde Valley Wine Trail, Fire Mountain Wines’ tasting room can be visited every day of the week including on Wino Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. With its great wine and proud heritage, it is obvious Fire Mountain Wines will remain an institution in Cottonwood for years to come.