Featured Winery of the Week: Wyandotte Winery



The first and oldest winery in Central Ohio, Wyandotte Winery opened its doors to the public in 1977. At the time, Floyd Jones, the original owner, constructed the foundation of the winery, only 10 wineries existed in the state of Ohio. Floyd and his wife Peggy worked on the grounds of the winery themselves until they sold the property in 1985. As Jane and Bill Butler took over Wyandotte Winery, development exploded around the winery. Today Wyandotte is surrounded by a quiet neighborhood community. In 2006, Robin and Valerie Coolidge decided to turn their winemaking passion into a business. They purchased Wyandotte and began renovating it immediately. In 2007, the winery was reopened to the public. Since then, Robin and Valerie have bought Wyandotte’s sister winery, RockSide Winery and Vineyards. Rockside is run by their son, Ryan.

Just like in the beginning, wine is made on site. Historically, the Wyandotte had to ship grapes in from vineyards. In 2009, Valerie planted 75 vines of Marquette grape, transforming the winery into a vineyard. At the same time, Wyandotte Winery began working with Broken Fence Vineyards to expand its grape varieties. While wine making can take years at a time, Robin and Valerie have no plans of going anywhere. Their passion for wine will continue to keep them at Wyandotte for years to come.