TTB Announces Modification of Mandatory Label Information

On June 10, the TTB will publish a final rule regarding mandatory label information.  The new rule will modify the regulations regarding the labeling of alcohol content on wine labels.  Currently the regulations specify that alcohol content must be on the brand or “front” label.  The new rule will specify that alcohol content can now appear on other labels affixed to the container.  This new rule will conform the TTB wine labeling regulations to the World Wine Trade Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labeling.

Additionally, TTB has determined that a new Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) will not be required if the only change made to a previously approved label is moving the alcohol content to a label other than the brand or “front” label.

The new rule goes into effect Friday, August 9.  If you have any questions please contact Michael Kaiser at 202-223-5172 or at