Wine: The Ultimate Value-Added Product

The wine industry will boost the American economy by $276.07 in 2022, according to a new study unveiled this week in Congress. The study was sponsored by WineAmerica and conducted by John Dunham & Associates, which also did a 2017 study for WineAmerica.

The study contains detailed data on the national impact and that of all 50 wine-producing states from Alabama to Wyoming. The $276 billion total is up from $220 billion five years ago, and several key measures are as well:

Wine Producers: 10,637 (vs. 10,236)

Jobs: 1.84 million (vs. 1.7 million)

Wages: $90.13 billion (vs. $75.8 billion)

Tourist Visits: 49.1 million (vs. 43 million)

One measure that was significantly down is federal taxes ($14.67 billion vs. $18.1 billion) largely due to the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act which WineAmerica successfully advocated in 2017.

The study measures three types of impact–Direct, Supplier, and Induced–as well as the benefits flowing to many economic sectors from agriculture to finance, real estate, and transportation. It’s a numbers-based reminder of how many people and businesses wine supports–beyond being a truly magical beverage.

Bottom line: Wine is the ultimate value-added product.

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