State Profile: South Carolina Wine Country

Due to its hot and humid climate, South Carolina presents a challenging environment for growing many types of grapes, but is very hospitable to Muscadine varieties—as well as people who enjoy a good time just relaxin’.

Deep Water Vineyard, the Charleston area’s only winery located on Wadmalaw Island, provides a good example of what can be done with these grape varieties. Owners Jim and Ann Irvin created the “Irvin House Vineyard” in 2001, then renamed it, and the 48-acre property with majestic live oaks has become a popular destination.  The Weekend Wine-Downs every Saturday include a blend of tastings, drinks, food trucks, and a welcoming environment for kids and dogs. Popular wines like Magnolia (made with Carlos), High Tide (Noble), and Low Country Red (Ison) show what fun these wines can be.

Great Grapes: Carlos
The Muscadine family of grapes (Vitis rotundifolia) is found primarily in the southeastern United States and, because of the typically hot and humid growing conditions, these varieties have far more fungus-fighting resveratrol, which has also been shown to be beneficial to humans. The bronze-hued Carlos grape, sibling of the red Noble, produces a very floral, sweet white wine ideal for sipping very cold on a hot summer day.