How Does Your Direct to Consumer Program Compare to Industry Benchmarks?

How Does Your DTC Program Compare to Industry Benchmarks?

The Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium’s Steering Committee has put out a call for wineries to participate at no charge in the “DTC Winery Check Up,” a comprehensive research project that benchmarks industry DTC metrics. One of the highlights of the 2012 Symposium, the DTC Winery Check Up will expand with additional winery data. Each participating winery will receive a free, confidential, quarterly report that illustrates how their DTC program compares with their peers. Later, this information will be aggregated (without naming any wineries) and presented at the 2013 DTC Wine Symposium. American wineries can participate by signing up today at
The sixth annual summit on direct marketing and sales is slated for January 24, 2013 at the South San Francisco Conference Center and is presented by, and a fundraiser for, Free the Grapes and Coalition for Free Trade.