TTB Announces Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) Streamlining Efforts

TTB put out the following release regarding their recent Certificat of Label Approval streamlining process. If you have any questions please contact Michael Kaiser at or at 202-223-5172.

February 29, 2012

Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) Streamlining Efforts

We are excited to share with you some news about our COLA review process streamlining efforts and some of the changes we have planned for the coming months and years.

We received over 146,000 alcohol beverage label applications in 2011, which was up from over 134,000 applications in 2010. While the demand for alcohol beverage label approvals has increased significantly over the past several years, we continue to evaluate COLA applications as quickly and as accurately as possible. Our goal is to ensure all alcohol beverage products in the U.S. marketplace comply with our labeling regulations (mandated under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act) in Title 27 Code of Federal Regulations.

To date we have taken several actions toward streamlining our COLA review process. These include making processing improvements designed to speed up review turnaround times; updating labeling FAQs at to help industry members comply with our labeling requirements; and researching industry needs and studying other Federal agencies’ best practices for label review processes so we can continue to improve our process in the future.

By streamlining our COLA review process, we hope to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes us to review labels and, in turn, the time needed to get compliantly labeled products into the marketplace. Visit our COLA Streamlining Efforts page at to learn more about our specific streamlining accomplishments and future initiatives:

To submit your comments or suggestions regarding our COLA streamlining efforts, please send us an email: