TTB Introduces New COLA Form for Label Approval

The Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau have released an updated version of the Certificate of Label Approval Form (TTB F 5100.31). The new form now requests a listing of any grape varietals that are displayed on the label. Additionally, all pre-COLA evaluations should now be noted in the data field marked “Formulas”. The TTB news release says the following about the form update:
We are updating COLAs Online to incorporate these changes. When we update the electronic system, applicants will not see an immediate change to the data collection portion of the electronic application and should not change the manner in which they apply, but their approvals will contain the new data fields. An additional update to COLAs Online is expected to take place in December 2011, and at that time the system will be updated to request grape varietal information as item 10 of the electronic application. From now until the expected December 2011 update, item 10 will remain blank on all electronically filed COLA approvals with nothing more required from COLA applicants.
The new paper version of the COLA form is not impacted by the data collection issue identified above for the electronic applications. Therefore, paper applicants are expected to complete all relevant items on the COLA application form, including item 10 for grape varietal information displayed on their wine labels. We will be able to capture this information in our database during the data entry process.

The new form is available online through the TTB’s website (and on the WineAmerica website). The TTB will accept paper applications on the older forms until December 30, 2011. For more information please contact Michael Kaiser at